Static Alignment

Easier than Ever

"Realizing there is no second chance is the first step to survive, performing reliable and accurate weapon alignment is the second"

Static alignment of weapon systems onboard ships is traditionally performed in a dry dock. Besides being expensive this way is not as accurate as one would expect.

For maximum accuracy the alignment shall be done in the ship’s natural environment, afloat. It is faster, easier, affordable and more accurate than conventional alignment.

Tilt Measurement

Virtually any system can be aligned with Schill’s high precision and easy to use alignment tools.

Azimuth & Elevation

Azimuth and elevation alignment of any weapon station are performed by enabling the use of theodolites for collimation. This is uniquely supported on ships even afloat by Schill providing excellent accuracy.

Gyro Alignment

A well aligned gyro is essential for a ship’s weapon systems performance. Shill’s unique system utilizes the same gyro information as used by the ship’s weapon system, providing faster, more reliable and simpler alignment.

Alignment Verification

The alignment accuracy is normally validated in a sea trail. Schill’s system enables verification of the alignment results already in harbor providing huge savings both in time and money.

The Schill Way - Three Easy Steps 

The Aligner 308 implies huge savings in time and operational costs compared to using traditional methods.



The user friendly step-by-step guiding interface takes you through all measurement procedures, aligning gyros, trackers and weapon stations efficiently and yet imposing minimal influence on other ongoing activities onboard.



The results are given in roll and pitch and as a tilt vector, to comply with any standards. The results can be directly used as correction values for the weapon system. Tilt results are also given as tilt-vectors in order to comply with any required standard.


By slaving directors and guns to simulated targets the Aligner 308 enables an immediate verification of the weapon Unique capabilities enables alignment verification and weapon system fault finding already in harbor that would otherwise require sea trials. Huge cost and time savings can thus be obtained.

Today, there is absolutely no excuse to be careless about alignment of the most critical parts of the weapon system i.e. the fire control directors, the ship’s gyro and the guns.