Aligner 241

Static Alignment System

The Aligner 241 is designed to enable accurate and rapid alignment of sight camera and gun barrels by utilizing collimation. The Aligner 241 collimator arm is customized to the parallaxes of the sensor and weapon. The Aligner 241 is suitable to align systems where the weapon and the sensor is mounted on the same station i.e. RCWS or guns with integrated gun sights.

  • 11-002-40x – Collimator Arm (Caliber and collimator distance depending on weapon system) 

Utilizing Collimation

Due to the design of the Aligner 241, the weapon can be aligned in practically any weather or light condition and without any special target table or equipment. The cross-hairs of the collimator are illuminated by the adjustable Back-light illuminator. This feature makes the Aligner 241 perfect for vast alignment in all both land and naval domains.

Aligner 241


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