Dynamic Alignment

Intelligent & Advanced

"Standard gun cameras provide rough target tracking checks. Advanced, intelligent camera systems provide battle strength"

Schill offers a full-featured optical alignment tool capable of advanced and intelligent analysis necessary for a successful dynamic alignment.

At Dockside

Avoid unnecessary sea trials. Sea trials are expensive. Schill’s unique methods and tools enable dynamic tilt checking already in the harbor. This saves unnecessary sea trials and substantial time and money.

At Sea

The traditional target tracking verification is generally only performed optically without any further analysis. Schill’s methods and tools provide calculated results to obtain absolute and relative tilt errors automatically.

Triple purpose tracking & evaluation

Our full featured optical tracking and evaluation systems are designed for the triple purposes of:

Alignment verification errors

After having entered correction values from the static alignment, the dynamic alignment errors should be close to zero. Significant discrepancies indicate prescence of errors in the weapon system. Such errors can emanate from servos, gyros, electrical components or software in the various weapon stations or elsewhere in the weapon control system.


Dynamic Analysis

Abnormalities in behaviour like for example intermittent gun vibrations, unexpected gun movements when designated to a tracked target can be recorded and analyzed.


Fault Identification

Alignment result data and diagrams as well as dynamic measurement recordings are stored in our alignment systems and can be retrieved at any time. This provides an excellent base for fault analysis and fault identification. Stored data and recordings can also be sent to manufacturers for further analysis or discussions. 

As a complement, our single channel gun camera systems can be used for quick checking of the weapon system and guns as part of the preventive maintenance procedures i.e. benchmark tests.