Full Service Alignment

Always by your side - Full Service Alignment from Schill experts

Schill offers full alignment service to customers. We meet our customers’ needs by conducting a thorough survey to assess their requirements. Based on the results, we compile an alignment plan and manufacture any necessary mechanical adapters.

With all the appropriate alignment equipment and knowledge, the alignment is then completed on site. Schill engineers produce an alignment report, which is the final deliverable. This is a full-service offering that provides the customer with the utmost confidence and benefits of an aligned system.


Tailored courses to ensure continued high quality alignment results when performed by our customers.

To get the best possible accuracy from your weapon system the Schill products should be used often. The usability, cost efficiency and result will give you quick results. Repetitive training on our products is therefore highly recommended.

Weapon alignment training in theory and practice is an important integral part when delivering our alignment systems to our customers.

Tailored refresher courses are provided as well, ensuring continued high quality alignments when performed by our customers.  The training is recommended to be held on site, combining theoretical- and hands-on training.

Usually the length of the course is three to five days depending on the training needs and technical background.

Alignment training from Schill

Calibration & Support

As with any advanced measurement tool, regular checking and calibration of the Aligner systems should be performed in order to maintain and guarantee the specified accuracy. Schill recommend that the systems are calibrated annually in order to guarantee top performance and accuracy.

Ensuring accuracy over time - Calibration & Support from Schill

Although built-in procedures enable the user to calibrate all part of our system, still the majority of our customers prefer using our professional calibration services.

Schill offers annual service and support agreements that include both annual calibration and support. The support is negotiated but limited to a certain hours yearly.

Schill offers calibration equipment and training to customers who wants to perform and administrate the annual calibration by themselves.

Fault Investigation & Verification of Weapon Systems

By using Schill’s alignment products in the fault finding procedure your problems will not only be documented, but the issues may also be isolated.

After having entered correction values from the static alignment, the dynamic alignment errors should be close to zero. Significant discrepancies indicate the presence of errors in the weapon system.

Such errors can emanate from servos, gyros, electrical components or software in the various weapon stations or elsewhere in the weapon control system.

Use Schill Aligners to evaluate your system to ensure full functionality all the time.

Fault Investigation & Verification of Weapon Systems

Abnormalities in the behavior of the weapon system like for example intermittent gun vibrations, unexpected gun movements when designated to a tracked target can be recorded and analysed.

Alignment result data and diagrams as well as dynamic measurement recordings are stored in our alignment systems and can be retrieved at any time. This provides an excellent base for fault analysis and fault identification. Stored data and recordings can also be sent to manufacturers for further analysis or discussions.