Alignment of RCWS

Rapid, fool proof & accurate

"Alignment of Remote Controlled Weapon Stations require a swift, yet highly accurate process"

RCWS Alignment

Remote Controlled Weapon stations needs to be aligned to a reference plane and the gun needs to be aligned to the sensors. Moreover, RCWS systems can be modular and fitted with different weapons which raises the need of a vast, easy and accurate way of aligning the system.

Schill’s solutions for the RCWS is similar to the gun alignment process and product. Schill’s Aligner 241 uses collimation to align the sensors and the bore. The Aligner 241 is customized to the specific type of RCWS. Schill’s unique gun adapter works with virtually any calibre. For an RCWS alignment the distance between shooter and systems is often shorter and therefor ideal for the use of secure wireless communication. This facilitates an even more rapid and effective alignment.

The Aligner 241 product is suitable to perform RCWS alignment. The Aligner 241 is an agile and wireless dynamic alignment tool with multiple purposes, stretching from alignment to fault finding and training. In combination with the Aligner 231, with wireless option, the customer can perform both precise wireless alignments and benchmark tests anywhere.