Alignment of Guns & Gun-Sights

With Extreme Precision

"The gun is traditionally a warship's main weapon system and the reliable backbone of it's protection, the effect of poor alignment can be truly disastrous"

Schill Boresight Adaptor

Due to the cost efficiency and simpleness of the gun the weapon system is generally the most used weapon system on a warship. The effect of poor alignment can be truly disastrous. In order to combat today’s sophisticated missiles which continuously manoeuvre during the flight, tracking and prediction of the trajectories must be nearly perfect. In the total error budget there is no margin for alignment errors in order to succeed. Schill alignment products works with any gun manufacturer and virtually any calibres.

Schill enables accurate and rapid alignment of gun-sight camera and barrel of guns by utilizing collimation. The versatile system works on any gun application (Naval, Land, Tanks etc). The special advantages of the Schill products are that the positioning accuracy is not affected by bore rifling or wear. The product is attached to the bore in a few seconds and is self aligned with extreme precision. The bore or turret adapter is available for virtually any calibre between 12,7 mm (50 cal) and 127 mm (5 inch).

Aligner 76

The Aligner 241 products utilizes collimation and is suitable to perform gun and gun-sight alignment depending on requirements and system configuration, while our most basic Aligner 231 is suitable for quick benchmark tests.

Aligner 221 and Aligner 224 products are suitable to perform dynamic gun alignment depending on requirements and system configuration.

Aligning regularly will give full up to date knowledge of the system status and functionality

Land Alignment Configuration

The concept of aligning weapon systems is equally applicable to a land based weapon system. The problems with poor alignment are equally disastrous. By aligning the system regularly, you will not only have an efficient and well aligned system you will also have full knowledge of your system status and functionality.

With Schills alignment products the weapon systems in a land configuration can be aligned acsucordingly. Not only will the system be more accurate,  the applications can also be used for evaluation of the system as well as for training and fault finding purposes. Schills alignment products can be used during operations in the field or in depot. 

The Aligner 221/231/241 products are suitable to perform gun and gun-sight alignment depending on requirements and system configuration.