Aligner 231

Dynamic Alignment System

The Aligner 231 single channel Gun Camera system is used for misalignment evaluation. It consists of a gun camera, adapter and interface unit.

  • 15-005-011 – Flat Screen Video Monitor, 15” incl. Stand 
  • 11-002-066 – Gun (Boresight) Camera with active x-hairs 
  • 20-012-001  – 100m Gun Camera Cable 
  • 40-XXX-XXX – Gun (Boresight) Adapters wide range of calibers
  • 11-007-020 – Aligner 231 Camera Interface Unit (CIU) 

Benchmark Tests

The Aligner 231 can be installed in only a few seconds and the Gun camera is self aligned to the bore. No further adjustments are necessary. The video output is presented on the ship’s video system or to a stand alone video monitor.

The Aligner 231 is typically used for simple but effective benchmark tests. The Aligner 231 can be ordered with a wireless option (Secure WiFi). This will make the system even more agile and perfect for vast and effective field services alignments.

Aligner 231


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