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Alignment Accuracy & Performance

State-of-the-art alignment equipment and processes designed to test and verify weapon and sensor systems performance.

Accuracy depends on precise alignment

We find ourselves in a world with ever increasing tensions where accuracy means everything, Schill enable optimized weapon systems. At sea, where accuracy means everything, Schill enables your weapon systems to reach maximum accuracy.

With the Schill system alignment is performed afloat, with more/higher precision and accuracy than ever before. With the Schill systems the traditionally complex multi-day task is turned into a simple one-day task.

Weapon and sensor alignment can be classified into two main types of procedures:

Static Alignment

Static Alignment

Static alignment refers to a procedure where all the ship’s weapon stations, including the ship’s gyro, are mechanically aligned using the same references for all weapons with stations. The static alignment is performed with the ship afloat and alongside in harbor.

Dynamic Alignment

Dynamic alignment refers to a procedure where all the ship’s weapon stations are aligned under standard operating conditions, verifying system status. The dynamic alignment is performed at sea trials. Either during scheduled alignment or as part of the ship routine.

Static Alignment

Aligning weapon systems is an unmatched cost-efficient way to reduce combat losses and increase combat strength. Schill offer state-of-the-art and affordable systems, solutions and services for complete weapon control system alignment and validation.

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