Aligner 221

Gun Camera System with Disk Recorder

Aligner 221
A single channel system for misalignment evaluation. Can be upgraded into a full featured Optical Tracking Evaluation System displaying up to 2 video channels concurrently. The Aligner 221 is a stand alone gun camera system with a more advanced alignment and analysis tool. The aligner 221 is a perfect choice to have onboard the ship not only for alignment purposes but also for fault finding and training purposes.

Stand-alone Gun Camera System

The Aligner 221 is a single channel standalone system designed for dynamic alignment of shipboard weapons system. This highly accurate, full-featured and easy-to-use system also provides interfaces for the ship’s tracker camera enabling complete alignment tests of both trackers and weapon stations.
The Aligner 221 features two main function groups; static alignment verification and dynamic analysis. As the Aligner 221 contains special calibration features for ship’s tracker cameras, accurate alignment is enabled for both trackers and weapon stations.

Static Alignment Verification

Static alignment verification can be made both as absolute measurements, i.e. relative horizon, and as relative measurements between any chosen trackers or weapons.

Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic alignment measurements can be made by tracking a target in any of the presented video windows either manually by the mouse cursor or automatically by a built-in optionally available video tracker.

Aligner 221 upgrade

The Aligner 221 can be upgraded to a two-channel system allowing concurrent presentations of video from any combination of the ship’s tracker cameras or the Aligner 221 Gun Cameras. Also an upgrade of the Aligner 221 software will permit more advanced alignment and analysis functionalities.

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