Great opportunity to replace the Aligner 308 Mk1, Static Alignment system

The Aligner 308 Mk1 has been an enormous success since the very start of the Schill journey. Aligner 308 Mk1has served as static alignment system by many navies and shipyards around the world but now is the time, when this landmark is passing the event horizon, to make place for Aligner 308 Mk2.

Aligner 308 Mk1 is obsolete, and with that the possibility of maintaining a high standard is getting more limited.

Aligner 308 Mk2 has been on the market for some years, and it is forward compatible. That means that Aligner Mk2 is customized for existing and future Windows versions. The Mk2 DAU is smaller in size than the Mk1 DAU and prepared for a great variety of gyros, both digital- and legacy gyros.

The upgrade from Aligner 308 Mk1 to Aligner 308 Mk2 includes a new DAU, a new laptop and new software for the laptop, including transfer of existing databases from the old laptop to the new.

To replace the obsolete Mk1 Aligners around the globe, Schill has the pleasure to offer a very favorable deal.

When upgrading to the Aligner 308 Mk2, you will get a discount on the software list price, and the possibility to sign a service agreement with discount on the first year when signing for 5 years.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Best regards

Bjorn Gustafsson

Senior Technical Sales Manager