Dynamic Alignment


Static Alignment

Static Alignment

Realizing there is no second chance is the first step to survival; performing reliable and accurate weapon alignment is the second.

Traditionally, static alignment of weapon systems onboard ships is performed in a dry dock. Not only is this method expensive, but it also lacks the accuracy one might expect.

For maximum precision, alignment should be conducted in the ship’s natural environment—afloat. This approach is faster, easier, more affordable, and yields greater accuracy compared to conventional methods.

Schill’s high-precision, user-friendly alignment tools can align virtually any system with unparalleled accuracy.

Using theodolites for collimation, Schill supports azimuth and elevation alignment of any weapon station—even afloat—ensuring excellent accuracy.

A well-aligned gyro is crucial for a ship’s weapon systems. Schill’s unique system uses the same gyro information as the ship’s weapon system, enabling faster, more reliable, and simpler alignment.

Typically, alignment accuracy is validated during sea trials. However, Schill’s system allows verification of alignment results in the harbor, resulting in significant savings in both time and money.

Turning magic into Science

The Aligner 308 delivers substantial savings in time and operational costs compared to traditional methods.

The user-friendly, step-by-step interface guides you through all measurement procedures, efficiently aligning gyros, trackers, and weapon stations with minimal impact on other onboard activities.

Results are provided in roll and pitch and as a tilt vector to comply with any standards. These can be directly used as correction values for the weapon system.

By slaving directors and guns to simulated targets, the Aligner 308 enables immediate verification of the weapon system. Unique capabilities allow for alignment verification and fault finding in the harbor, eliminating the need for costly sea trials.

Turning magic into science

Today, there is absolutely no excuse to neglect the alignment of critical weapon system components such as fire control directors, gyros, and guns.

Static Alignment Products:

Dynamic Alignment

Dynamic Alignment

Standard gun cameras provide rough target tracking checks. Advanced, intelligent camera systems provide battle strength.

Schill offers a comprehensive optical alignment product capable of advanced and intelligent analysis necessary for successful dynamic alignment.

Schill enables alignment to be part of every ship’s standard routines, combat systems alignment verification or as a tool for workshop fault finding capability.

Avoid unnecessary sea trials, which are both time-consuming and expensive. Schill’s unique methods and tools enable dynamic tilt checking in the harbor, saving significant time and money.

Traditional target tracking verification is typically performed optically without further analysis. Schill’s methods provide calculated results to automatically obtain absolute and relative tilt errors.

Tracking & Evaluation

Our advanced optical tracking and evaluation systems serve three primary purposes:

After entering correction values from the static alignment, dynamic alignment errors should be minimal. Significant discrepancies indicate potential errors in the weapon system, which could stem from servos, gyros, electrical components, or software.

Abnormalities, such as intermittent gun vibrations or unexpected movements when tracking a target, can be recorded and analysed.

Alignment data and dynamic measurement recordings are stored and retrievable for fault analysis. This data can also be shared with manufacturers for further analysis and discussion.

Tracking & Evaluation

As a complement, our single-channel gun camera systems can be used for quick checks of the weapon system and guns as part of preventive maintenance procedures.

Schill’s solutions ensure your weapon systems are aligned with unmatched precision, both statically and dynamically, providing you with the confidence and reliability required for superior performance.

Dynamic Alignment Products: